Do you want to increase the resale value of your property? Do you want to keep pollutants out of your commercial building? Do you want to save money in costly energy costs? If so, you should consider investing in commercial spray foam insulation! Spray insulation is approved by all the national building codes and it’ll perform for the life of your building. This insulation product is safe, odorless, and it doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals. Here are 5 exciting reasons for hiring a commercial spray foam insulation contractor!

Create a Healthy Environment

Foam insulation will make your work environment more comfortable. It’ll reduce moisture and pollutants, while preventing pollen and dust from getting in. It will help you create a healthy, comfortable indoor space that is free from pathogens and excess moisture. Spray foam is resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus. It’ll help you eliminate drafts and it provides better humidity control.

Fatten Your Wallet

Commercial spray foam insulation is the answer to your business energy-saving challenge! Buildings with spray foam insulation use less energy than traditionally insulated houses or offices. Remember that wasted energy will result in higher power bills. Foam insulation will help you save money on your energy costs by covering the gaps in your walls, windows, doors, ceilings, and floors. Foam insulation can even increase the resale value of your property by about 10 percent or more!

More Effective than Traditional Insulation

Spray foam seals crevices and cracks and it provides an extra layer of insulation. It’s more effective than traditional insulation products. This insulation product is rigid and it adds structural strength to a house or commercial building. It’s also lightweight and it does not sag. It will add very little weight to your roof and cellings. Its unique physical properties perform well in cold or hot climates. Its outstanding structural and thermal characteristics will keep the cold or hot air inside your commercial building and save you a substantial amount of money.

Protection from Moisture

Spray insulation will give you protection from damaging moisture accumulation in your ceilings and walls. It will creates a protective envelope around your building. This insulation product is resistant to water. It creates a fully sealed barrier against the intrusion of moisture and reduces leakage in the building envelope.

Improve Efficiency of HVAC Equipment

Foam insulation will improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. It will help you maintain a consistent temperature in your home or work environment. It reduces wear-and-tear of HVAC units. This product is a smart investment and it’ll save you money on HVAC equipment costs too. With foam insulation, you will be able to downsize your equipment if you need to. For instance, a smaller HVAC system will provide the same indoor comfort level of a costly unit.

In Closing

Contact a commercial spray foam insulation contractor today. There’s no better insulating material than spray foam insulation! This state-of-the-art insulation product will seal your commercial building or home, prevent moisture intrusion, and save you money on costly energy bills. This insulation product will also strengthen your building, boost the resale value of your property, and protect your employees from dangerous pollutants, so it’s worth paying for.. Spray foam insulation

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