An extremely impressive opal inlay ring can be skillfully made by a jewelry artist. Generally, an artist’s favorites are black opal and crystal opal. He can also opt for tanzanite, diamonds or other precious stones to be inlaid in his chosen metal setting. Of course, his designs will vary depending on what’s stylish or if clients will request custom made designs.

Some makers offer after-sale services like opal inlay repairs and re-polishing. Collectors and consumers should be excited because most makers adapt their workmanship and services to tailor fit our need for quality and creativity in our jewelry.

If you are really lucky, you can find a really terrific jewelry maker that can fashion a design that will look so much more its real worth. There are designs that only he can create. Try as you might, chances are you will see a similar design but at a much higher and dearer price.

I am so happy to own this band ring for many years now. This ring attracts so much admiration with an inlaid Peruvian blue opal, accented by shiny diamonds; the overall design is that the ring is in a twisted pattern. I find the setting very unusual and exceedingly gorgeous. I just can take my eyes off my finger sometimes. By the way, I found it best (well, I read somewhere) to wear this on the right hand. It’s more meaningful that way as what experts say.

But one thing that my jeweler reminded me, even nagged me, was I have to remember that an opal is a fragile gem. So, I have to take care of it: no dropping it accidentally, no wearing it when I’m doing my gardening, not even getting it in frequent contact with my make up. Of course, cleaning it with harsh chemicals or storing it with harder stones is a big no.

Purchasing this ring took all of my salary, so I’m definitely following his advice. I was especially convinced with following his tips when I recently noticed that the Peruvian blue inlaid opal became as deep blue as the sea when I wore a blue dress to my company’s Christmas party.

Likewise, this made me think that if I continue to treat it well, handle it with care, I will be able to save this for my children to appreciate. If opal rings are currently popular as engagement rings, certainly it fits as an heirloom piece as well. tungsten rings wholesale supplier

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