When William Tang, a retiree in his 70s, visited Ardor Gardens last year, he knew it was the place for him. He’d spent the past few years visiting 30 senior living facilities in Qingpu, but Ardor Gardens’ themed clubhouses and range of courses (including dance classes, handicraft workshops, calligraphy appreciation and illustration art) stood out to him. He was also impressed by the fact that the property’s community health service center allows residents to access basic medical services without having to leave the complex.

Located at 173-183 Haig Road in District 15, Ardor Residence is a freehold condominium with 35 exclusive units in a low-rise building. It offers a new way of living that blends luxury and privacy in a vibrant neighborhood with cosmopolitan charm. It is close to popular shopping centers, eateries and MRT stations.

Ardor’s design combines natural open space modules with the building structure to produce a variety of distinctive units that maximize privacy and views. Smart home systems are installed to allow residents to control their homes’ lighting, temperature and security from anywhere in the building. This is a feature that many Singaporeans appreciate, especially given the increasing number of robberies and burglaries occurring in their communities.

Lendlease is betting that this model, which focuses on providing high-quality services to seniors in luxury properties, will appeal to a growing number of cash-rich retirees who want to spend their money wisely during the twilight years. It is also hoping to change the mentality that most retirees should spend their savings on owning a home, which they will then pass down to their children, rather than spending it on care services that will provide them with the lifestyle they deserve. ardor residence

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