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We all want to live healthier, but it’s not as easy as swapping the bacon for broccoli or cutting down on sugar. Scientists have discovered that the recipe for good health is a long-term practice of good habits when it comes to sleeping, eating, exercising and socializing as well as managing stress.

You’ll have a better chance of becoming and staying healthy if you start with a supportive environment. That means getting scientifically-backed plans for healthy food and exercise, a supportive schedule and the time to devote to making these changes.

If you have a lot of different things to change, focus on one at a time. Make it a goal to gradually improve your diet, stick to an exercise routine and whittle down on bad habits like smoking and alcohol intake. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the sweet spot where your health-focused lifestyle is a natural part of your day-to-day life.

To stay motivated, recall your reasons for changing. For example, you could remind yourself of the joy of running with a friend or the ease of carrying grocery bags without getting weighed down. Also, problem-solve to overcome roadblocks. For example, if bad weather keeps you from walking outside, try doing a walk indoors, like at the mall. Finally, reward yourself for achieving your goals and milestones. Just be careful to choose a nonfood reward, such as a new workout gear or a movie ticket instead of a high-calorie dessert. Bli mer hälsosam

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