Real-time utility monitoring provides energy managers a comprehensive view of their facility’s energy use. With this information, they can identify equipment inefficiencies, make immediate changes to improve efficiency and track energy saving goals more accurately.

The STARDOM FCN/FCJ hybrid PLCs combine utility data with plant status, ensuring that no blind spots in the data exist. This information can be monitored and manipulated from the DCS HMI, eliminating the need for multiple meters and other devices, and making the system a cost-effective choice for achieving accurate real-time energy data and utility management.

Anomaly detection
The ability to detect anomalies in your building’s energy usage can greatly reduce energy waste. Oftentimes, problems go unnoticed and continue for a long period of time. With real-time monitoring, these issues are identified and corrected immediately – cutting consumption by 5% to 10% or more.

Improved asset management
With a more complete view of a facility’s assets, you can make informed decisions that improve performance and maximize ROI. Utilities can optimize energy distribution, balance load across different operations units, and address grid inefficiencies to improve the overall reliability of the power supply.

Early fault detection means that utilities can quickly respond to issues, reducing energy losses and improving grid efficiency. In addition, they can manage demand response (DR) programs more effectively to cut energy costs and enhance the integration of renewable energy. real-time utility monitoring

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