Detecting and fixing refrigerant leaks is a critical job for HVAC techs and auto enthusiasts alike. The toxic gases leaking from these appliances can cause serious damage and even asphyxia, which is why it is important to use the right tools for the job. Refrigerant leak detectors are one such tool, allowing you to find odorless and colorless gas leaks quickly and easily.

There are several types of refrigerant leak detectors on the market, from corona sensors that use high-voltage electricity to heated diode scanners that can identify a leak in a system’s oil, and even newer electronic sensors that detect heat molecules in passing air to pinpoint the location of a refrigerant leak without having to touch it. These types of devices can be much more accurate than old-fashioned bubbles or UV dyes, since they can identify the exact location of a leak within inches.

Inficon makes a popular model of HVAC leak detector that has a good reputation in the industry and is also affordable for DIYers. This unit comes with a wide range of sensors for detecting different refrigerants and can identify R22, R410A, R134A, and R1234YF along with CFCs, HCFCs, and HFOs. It also includes a two-color LED light and audible alarms for easy identification of the source of a leak.

Another popular option is the Fieldpiece SRL2, which offers excellent sensitivity for its price and has a good warranty period. You can also go for the Elitech ILD-200, which is built for professional HVAC techs and has a patented three-led UV sensor for finding leaks in older systems that have been used with dye before. Best refrigerant leak detectors

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