Blockchain is an exciting and fast-growing area of technology. It has emerged from its association with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin into a powerful tool for transforming many aspects of business operations and making them more efficient. As a result, many industries are now seeking employees with the right skills to build and implement Blockchain solutions.

While existing software engineers can learn to create new Blockchain platforms using existing coding languages such as Java, Python, Go, and Solidity, new Blockchain applications require additional specialized knowledge of cryptography and distributed systems. These include a deeper understanding of graphs, heaps, hash trees, and Patricia trees.

Another incredibly valuable skill is the ability to create and implement smart contracts on the Blockchain. These are documented agreements between two parties that are triggered when all of the terms and conditions are met. A good analogy would be a parking meter that automatically validates your payment once you insert the correct coin.

These innovations have made it possible to avoid the need for third-party approval and make many processes more streamlined and secure. As a result, the demand for Blockchain professionals is growing at a staggering pace. While there are still a limited number of jobs available, those with the skills and tenacity to keep up with the ever-changing industry will find themselves in high demand. It has been estimated that 65% of children entering school today will work in careers that didn’t exist just a few years ago so now is the time to embrace change! Blockchain Careers

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