Boilers in homes and at other establishments need regular maintenance for their proper working. When a boiler is serviced at regular intervals it helps the unit to perform in an optimum level. It is very critical that the consumer is able to identify when the boiler need a servicing. It is usually recommended for such a system to be serviced one a year or as per the manufacturer‘s instruction. In many cases we don’t service a boiler until there is something wrong with the boiler. This should be avoided because they are used in a regular basis and it requires proper maintenance to keep the boiler working at its best.

Signs that show the boiler need servicing

The first and most noticeable sign that the boiler is not performing to its full potential is the lack or performance. When the boiler is used for heating purpose and if the boiler does generate the heat it is supposed to then it is for sure that the boiler needs a service. Mostly during the summer seasons boilers are left unused so there might be some seizure or blocks on the internal heating system of the boilers that will not allow it to perform as it is supposed to.

Let us discuss some the signs that a boiler shows when its service time is near, the most common sign the boiler exhibits is that the performance of the system is decreased considerably, a yellow or irregular boiler flam can be seen, the boiler fans generate loud noises, there might be some stain or smoke marks on the appliance which are kept near the boiler, frequent overheating of the boiler and there will be pressure drops. When these symptoms start to appear it is clear that it’s time to get the unit serviced.

Serving procedure

Generally when a system is serviced the following things are cleaned the burner or the injectors is cleaned thoroughly, ignition components are adjusted, flame supervision  components are cleaned, the pilot and injectors are cleaned, the flue ways along with the draught diverter and heat exchanger are thoroughly cleaned and finally the unit control are well lubricated. The following checks must also be performed the gas connection should be checked for any disturbances, the boiler is checked for any leakage in the seals and joints, signs of damage to wiring should be checked and open units must be checked for any spillage. It is also important to rest the burner operating pressure after the service and the checks. The buildup of carbon monoxide can be avoided if the boilers are serviced at regular intervals. It is tasteless and odorless gas that leaks from the boiler but it’s not severe to create fatalities but prolonged exposure to gas for long time might cause some brain damage. The periodic servicing of these equipments will look after these problems. local central heating services

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