During hot, sunny days, your fridge will work harder to keep up with the high temperatures inside. A refrigerator vent fan removes the hot air around your fridge and allows it to function more efficiently. Some refrigerator fans clip directly onto the fins in your fridge while others just circulate the air. You should also look for a fan with a low power draw to save you on additional battery charges.

The Beech Lane refrigerator fan has a strong, 3000 RPM motor that is designed to increase the efficiency of your fridge by preventing frost and ice buildup. It can be mounted easily to the rear vent in your RV refrigerator and has a simple switch that can be activated when needed. The Beech Lane refrigerator cooling fan is also very quiet, which is a nice feature in your RV.

Another option is the Quick Products fridge vent fan that attaches to the side of your RV refrigerator and provides good air flow with a low power draw. This fan is also easy to mount and has a built-in sensor that automatically shuts off when it senses the temperature of your fridge. It is a great value for your money. However, you should check your fridge door seal before purchasing a fridge vent fan to prevent cold air from sneakily escaping through tiny cracks and crevices. This can cancel out the efforts of even the best refrigerator vent fan. rv fridge fan

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