If you are looking for a new front or back door for your home in Cardiff, a composite door is the perfect solution. These doors combine the beauty of timber with the durability and low maintenance of uPVC. They also provide excellent security and energy efficiency. In addition, they are available in a wide range of styles and colours. The result is a door that will complement your home and match your personality.

With so many options available, choosing the right composite door can be overwhelming. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you make your final decision. First, you need to decide on the style of your home. You can find a composite door that matches the style of your house or choose one that will contrast and add a touch of drama. Second, you need to consider the cost and maintenance of your composite door. Although composite doors can be more expensive than uPVC, they are worth the investment due to their durability and energy efficiency.

Composite doors come in a variety of colours, styles, and textures. They can be designed to look like any type of door, and they can be customised with handles, window panels, and other accessories. They are long-lasting and do not require painting or staining. They are also resistant to warping and fading. You can easily wipe them down with a damp cloth to clean them.

Solidor is a leading manufacturer of premium composite doors in the UK. Their doors are renowned for their sophisticated design and unparalleled security. They feature a five-point locking system with opposing hooks and a bi-directional throw, which makes it extremely difficult for burglars to break in. In addition to this, their doors are made of reinforced materials and have a robust GRP skin that resists twisting and warping. The doors are also weathertight and can be fitted with a dog flap and cat flap.

Our Apeer composite doors are a popular choice with customers in Cardiff and South Wales. They are insulated and weathertight, and they have been given a Secured by Design accreditation. They are made of a multi-layered structure with an insulating foam core. The outer frame is durable and has a steel reinforcement mesh, which helps to prevent intruders from breaking in. They are also fitted with effective locks that far exceed Police-approved standards.

Our Endurance Doors are manufactured in the UK and use sustainably sourced materials. They are a popular choice because of their durability and energy efficiency. These doors are insulated and have an A-rated U-value, which means that heat won’t escape your home and cold air will not get in. They also have an acoustic seal, which reduces noise from outside and inside your home. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes, so you can create the perfect door for your home. They are also available with a low threshold, which makes it easier for wheelchair or pushchair users to access your home. composite doors cardiff

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