Professional hairdressing appliances are the essential tools used by salons to provide their clients with the best haircut and styling services. They use a variety of manual and powered equipment to cut, trim and style both men’s and women’s hair; color the hair of both males and females; apply conditioner to the hair; educate their customers on proper care; and add extensions, hairpieces or wigs. The best tools for the job include high-quality all-purpose shears, blending shears, clippers, trimmers and razors. They also need a blow dryer and combs, and sanitizing supplies to keep their instruments clean between customers.

The first thing to consider when choosing salon equipment is the price range that will work best with your clientele. There are a number of options available that are affordable for most salons, with brands such as Redken and Davines offering great products for an average cost. However, there are also luxury options such as Shu Uemura that will attract a more upscale clientele and be great for branding a high-end salon.

Another important aspect of selecting salon equipment is finding a brand that will meet the needs of your stylists. Many salon owners prefer to choose one or two main brands that will provide their stylists with the highest quality at an affordable price. This is often easier than trying to select multiple brands that will require a much bigger budget, and it will make the process of switching products less stressful for salon employees.

To help reduce the risk of injury and strain on the hands and arms, salons should invest in a pair of shears with ergonomic handles. These shears should have a blade that is the right length for cutting. For example, a standard 5.5 inch shear is ideal for precision cutting, while a longer shear is useful for reducing the time needed to execute scissor-over-comb techniques or when trimming or framing the hair around the face.

Salons should also have a good variety of combs, including a wide-cut comb, a jumbo comb and a tail comb. A jumbo comb is useful for combing out hair after it has been shampooed and conditioned, while the wide-cut comb is perfect for cutting layers into the hair. Hairdressers should also have a pair of sectioning clips for easily separating strands of hair during the styling and drying process.

Finally, salons should look for a reception desk that will fit the space and aesthetic of their salon. The desk should have ample space for a POS system, appointment books and a telephone. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. For the hair styling area, salons should select backwash units and styling chairs that will be comfortable for both their customers and their stylists. They should also be durable and have a modern design that will suit the aesthetic of their salon. salon de coiffure Appareils de coiffure professionnels.

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