The choices are overwhelming while picking the perfect hair removal technique. The methods that you can opt for are electrolysis, thermolysis or you could use a mixture of both the methods called the ‘blend’ method. Electrolysis and thermolysis are additional methods to the already existing ones that are good. How can you choose the best hair removing method that will suit your needs? Though it is not a very difficult decision to make, it requires a certain amount of research related to the options available to you. The two things that you have to consider are your skin type and sensitivity and the amount of pain that you will be able to tolerate.

The electrolysis process has been followed for many decades now. It is a process in which hair is removed permanently. Each individual hair follicle is destroyed using this technique and this stops hair growth. In this technique a slim probe is put into the follicle of the hair. While the insertion of the probe is done one should take care to make sure the skin does not get punctured. As soon as the probe is inserted into the hair follicle there is an electrical current that is allowed to pass through, this current reaches the probe’s end and a chemical reaction that causes water and salt molecules in the follicle to be changed to lye takes place. The lye causes the loosening of the hair. The damage caused to the follicle base is permanent. Tweezers are then used to gently pull out the loose hair. At every follicle where hair needs to be removed the process is repeated.
Electrolysis is the most commonly used method for permanent hair removal. However, it is a very painful and expensive process. This method of hair removal is not suggested for hair removal from large areas. After the removal of hair using electrolysis, you may require other treatments. Technicians with prior experience must perform electrolysis because if the method is not carried out properly it may cause irreparable damage to the skin and it can lead to the regrowth of hair.

In thermolysis you have to insert a probe into the hair follicle the same way as it is done in electrolysis. Once the probe is inserted, water molecules present in the hair follicle move around to produce heat. The heat produced by these molecules destroys the base or dermal papilla that prevents hair growth in the future. Though this method is much faster than electrolysis it is not very effective. Thermolysis may cause burning as well as scarring and it requires expertise.

You can also use a combination of both electrolysis as well as thermolysis. This method is called the ‘blend’ method. The blend method is much quicker and more efficient and is becoming popular. The molecular transformation of electrolysis is combined with the heating of thermolysis, which generates heated lye, and this heated lye accelerates follicle hair damage. It is not only efficient and much quicker but is ideal and effective on various types of hair.

You may opt to use any of the three methods mentioned for permanent hair removal but it is most important to insist on the use of sterilized equipment as needles and probes are used. Using sterilized probes and equipment will bring down instances of infection. Make sure that you hire the expertise of trained personnel. sterile processing technician certification

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