Composite doors are modern front doors, designed to excel. Not only do they look great, but they function well and last a long time. These factors all contribute to the affordability of the door – they may not be the cheapest front doors on the market price-wise, but considering the superior quality and durability, they really are the best value for money.

Composite doors come in several different types. The best quality of composite door is the GRP door, also known as the fibreglass door. This front door has the attractive, smart, traditional appearance of wood as well as the feel. The grain is set in the surface of the door and the entire structure is weighted to match a wooden door, despite actually being light-weight, to give a genuine impression of wood. These factors just prove how much attention to detail has gone into the design of composite doors. Every little detail has been considered carefully to ensure these doors are the very best.

They come in a vast number of options, which you can pick and choose to fit your needs. The ability to custom design your front door online is one of the many benefits of buying a composite door. No longer do you have to make do with the standard options that someone else has decided you need. You do not have to make do and add on any additional hardware you want, such as a letter plate or door knocker, at a later date. Instead you can pick out the features you want, and pay only for exactly what you want. Buying online offers many other perks.

You can shop any time you like, day or night, to suit your schedule. You do not have any sales people bugging you or trying to influence your decision. You can save the doors you like and come back to them at a later date, or compare them to other companies, without having to traipse from shop to shop. Furthermore, most companies offer ‘internet prices’ which can have massive price reductions of over 50%. The doors are made exactly to your specification and delivered direct to your home within a week. You can choose to find your own installer, or most companies offer deals for supplying and installing.

Composite doors come in glazed and solid designs. For glazed designs, there are ranges of double and triple glazed glass for you to choose from – from clear glass to fancy and elegant designs. Or, if you had something more personal in mind, you can choose to have an unglazed door. This way, you can have a glass custom made and fit it in your new front door. Clear glass can be backed with a patterned glass to obscure the view and protect your privacy if you wish. Again, this patterned glass comes in many different options so you can choose the one that you prefer. Entirely solid doors are great at keeping the heat in and maximising the thermal properties of your door, if your hallway is already light enough. conservatories swansea

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