A diamond grading report is a subjective evaluation tool that describes in great detail all of the characteristics of a diamond. It is based in science but ultimately, grades such as clarity and color are made by a trained expert who is giving their educated opinion. And a grading report is just that: an opinion drawn by an expert gemologist or diamonds expert who makes a judgment call based on what they see or do not see. While rare, it is possible that one diamond could receive different color and clarity grades if sent to different gemology labs! Learn more about diamond education with Since1910’s diamond education guide.

It is important to obtain a diamond grading report because you will have a detailed drawing (called a plot) of the specific characteristics of your diamond. You will also see symbols which represent the specific types of clarity characteristics that are observed by the diamond grader. This can prove invaluable if the diamond is ever lost or stolen. A diamond grading report will verify the weight and measurements, the color, clarity, and cut of your diamond. If a stolen diamond is recovered, a diamond grading report with a plot can prove ownership and provide necessary appraisal information.

In addition to receiving an expert subjective assessment, you will also see scientific evaluations that are not subject to opinion or estimation. The carat weight will be expressed to the hundredth of a carat. You will receive precise measurements of the diamond’s average diameter (taken in three or more places) and the total depth of the diamond from the table (largest facet on the top) to the culet (point on the bottom). Additionally, you will see even more precise measurements such as table percentage, crown angle, and pavilion depth. All of these minute details paint an accurate and specific picture of the most important diamond in the world – yours! diamond painting eigenes bild

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