Explosion Proof Electric Actuator
The James Bond of actuators, explosion-proof electric actuators provide the ultimate level of safety and security. With ATEX and IECEx certifications, these powerful machines are suitable for use in potentially explosive environments such as oil/gas, chemical/pharma and other plants handling flammable or toxic gasses or dusts. Certified for Class I, Division 1, explosion-proof electric actuators are protected against external explosions by flameproof housings and conduit seals that prevent sparks from escaping the power shaft during an explosion.

They are typically powered by a standard electrical motor with either 2-wire control or 3-wire control, with the latter enabling the operator to monitor the operation status of the actuator and its valve position. They are available in single or multi-leaf dampers, with OPEN, CLOSED and AUTO settings.

These fail-safe actuators are also available in two types: spring return and battery back-up. Spring return actuators rely on mechanical energy stored by a spring mechanism to snap the valve into a pre-set safe position. When utility power is interrupted, the spring mechanism reverts to its original state. Battery backup actuators, on the other hand, are equipped with a battery that is charged during normal operation and provides power to move the valve into its pre-set fail position in the event of a power outage.

Both models feature visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and a weatherproof enclosure. They are simple to install using standard ISO5211 multi-flange mounting and a double square drive, making them the go-to choice for flammable environment automation. Explosion Proof Electric Actuator

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