From high-end cocktail lounges to tried-and-true neighborhood escapes, these are the bars, cafes and restaurants that define a city. From exceptional sushi omakase and fine dining institutions to Korean American tasting menus and restaurants transforming classic European fare, they’re where New Yorkers go for the latest splurge-worthy meals.

In the year since COVID forced the city that never sleeps to slow down, some old-school eateries have already started to feel like their pre-pandemic selves again, including Italian charmer Via Carota and pies destination Lucali. Meanwhile, a crop of new spots—like understated vegetarian restaurant Greywind and wildly spicy Indian joint Dhamaka—are proving that the resurgence is not just a passing fad.

If Hudson Yards were a real neighborhood (instead of a big luxury mall, NFT store and Equinox) it would be home to this casual, family-friendly spot with an all-American menu that includes schnitzel sandwiches and salads, liverwurst and spatzle, and hearty bowls of soup. Its popular Taiwanese-American dishes have also gotten better with time, including crowd-pleasing favorites like fly’s head and lu rou fan and riffs on pork buns and fried chicken sandwiches.

This bustling, modern-day deli in Midtown is the perfect place to grab a quick bite, whether you need a grilled cheese or a smoky roast beef sandwich to go with your morning bagel. Its popular lunch and dinner options include fresh salads, grilled fish, hot pastas like rigatoni, sandwiches and dessert, plus a selection of breads and pastries. best restaurants near me

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