If you’re searching for pet insurance for your dog, you have a lot of options to consider. In addition to plans with annual reimbursement maximums and deductibles, you can also look for companies that provide wellness or preventive care add-ons. Choosing a wellness plan can help your pet avoid future costly medical bills, as many health issues stem from poor habits.

Before you buy a plan, make sure to understand the terms and conditions. Many insurers have a list of exclusions, such as genetic or congenital diseases, that they won’t cover. You should also look at the age limits on each type of coverage.

Most providers require a waiting period, which is the time between your pet’s eligibility to begin receiving coverage and when you can file your first claim. This can vary from one to 14 days for accidents, and up to six months for orthopedic conditions such as cruciate ligament injuries and hip dysplasia. Most of the top pet insurance companies offer a variety of plans, including accident-and-illness and wellness. Those that offer the widest range of treatments and unique coverages received the highest scores in our study.

We also looked at a company’s customer service, which we measured by how easy it was to contact a representative and get answers to questions. In addition, we assessed how quickly a company reimbursed us when we submitted claims. Finally, we analyzed a company’s mobile app, which can help you organize and access your pet’s medical records, live chat with vets and connect with other pet parents to find groomers, walkers and veterinarians in your area.


Figo offers a broad range of coverages for dogs, including alternative treatment, hereditary disease and prescription food and supplements. It has three different plans, with annual reimbursement maximums ranging from $5,000 to unlimited. It doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, but it will pay for any illness or injury that occurs after a waiting period without recurring symptoms. Its premiums are competitive, and its mobile app makes filing claims quick and simple. It also offers a feature that allows it to pay veterinary offices directly, which may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. pet insurance for dog

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