When a property suffers from fire damage, there is more to deal with than the obvious burn marks and charred areas. The by-products of smoke infiltrate and discolour walls, ceilings and furniture causing a lingering odour that is difficult to get rid of. Smoke is corrosive and can cause permanent damage to the surfaces of items that have been covered in it, including fabrics. It is also dangerous to inhale, especially if someone has a respiratory condition.

Fire and smoke damage restoration is a complex process that requires the expertise of a professional. If it is not carried out correctly, it can lead to further problems in the future. It is vital to decontaminate and clean a property first before any work on reinstatement can commence. Our experienced team have all the necessary training and equipment to tackle the many facets of cleaning and decontaminating after a fire incident.

As soon as the authorities confirm that it is safe to enter a property, it is essential to start the fire damage cleaning as soon as possible. The smoke residue is corrosive and will slowly wear away any surface that it comes into contact with, including furniture, wallpaper and paint. Leaving it unattended will result in further problems such as permanent staining and a persistent odour.

Our team are experts at carrying out this type of work in both commercial and residential properties. We use a specialist deodorising system called EcoBlasting that is highly effective at removing both the visual signs of smoke and soot and the associated odours. This technology uses compressed air and blasts an abrasive such as bicarbonate of soda through a nozzle, effectively stripping back the coatings from affected surfaces and restoring them to their original condition without leaving any residue or damage. fire damage cleaning london

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