Every company, which wants to carve out their own online presence, needs a great website. A good home page design is very important because simply put, it is the first impression that the visitor gets of your web site. Of course, as many would say, the first impression is the last impression. The web design, therefore, needs to be perfect.

But what do you keep in mind to get a web design that attracts eyeballs and is suited to the purpose of the website too? Here are some pointers to keep in mind with regard to web designing:

  1. Keep The Home Page Clean

    Kristina Zmaic said, ‘Make sure your content has breathing room’. Absolutely true. Now a conflict arises when you want to put everything that is relevant on the homepage so that more people are attracted by the design; and when you want to keep the home page simple to keep it visually appealing. The trick is to find a balance between the two ways. The home page should be such that it conveys the most essential information, but also induces the visitor to navigate further.
  2. Image Size

    Nothing looks worse and more unprofessional than an image that is stretched beyond its pixel ability. While you might have found the perfect stock image to be used as a background on your home page, if the image appears unduly stretched, then it is not worth it.
  3. Keep Intuitive Navigation

    Instead of just having, navigation options on the top, have a panel on the left or below the page. Make sure that the user sees navigation options as soon as they are finished viewing the home page. It is true of all internet users that they will not stay to figure out how your navigation works, but will instead find a site offering similar services. You get one shot to make it perfect.
  4. Color

    Color is one of the most visually important parts of a web design. Choose a color palette according to the impression you are aiming to create and the services you are offering. As a thumb rule, it is best to pick a three-color palette and stick to it throughout the site. This makes the website easy on the eye and pleasant to view.
  5. Responsive Design

    Most importantly, use responsive designs. You can use liquid designs too but responsive designs are what will help your website be displayed on all devices properly. This will ensure that no user goes away whether they are viewing your website on a computer, tablet or phone. Having a responsive design makes for added audience and more number of visitors. programmatic advertising

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