A junk yard fort myers is a place where cars and other vehicles are taken after they’ve stopped running or have been declared a total loss. Most communities have at least one junkyard, often found in the poorer or more remote areas of town. These auto graveyards are usually lined with fences to keep them from being seen by the general public. They’re also known as salvage yards, auto-wrecking yards, scrap yards or used car parts stores.

In an aerie-like office whose windows level with the downtown skyline, city planner Bill Spikowski pores over GIS map layers and decades of city land use regulations for his latest consulting gig – fixing Fort Myers’ junkyard controversy. He has visited every salvage, scrap and recycling yard in the city, talked with their owners and studied the yards’ code enforcement records. His recommendations are due in the fall and will likely go through another workshop before a council vote.

But that may be just the tip of the iceberg. In his quest to fix the squabble, Spikowski has discovered that the city’s zoning and junkyard policies have segregated these facilities in minority, low-income neighborhoods. And he says that’s a big problem.

He points to the 94 percent African-American community of Dunbar as an example. Property values in the neighborhood are 50 percent lower than the rest of the city, and Green believes that a lot of that has to do with the junkyards and other heavy industry nearby. junk yard fort myers

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