Goldwell Hair Products has been providing hair care solutions for decades. While Goldwell is best known for their hair color, Goldwell also provides an enormous selection of ultra-high quality haircare and styling products which, aside from providing style and health to your hair, are formulated to help maintain your hair’s color. Goldwell Products offers several different lines, each one of which focuses on different hair care needs.

Goldwell Dual Senses is a high end line that provides great results. Goldwell Dual Senses has six categories which are specific to different needs. Dual Senses Ultra Volume provides care for fine, thin hair in need of a volume boost. Dual Senses Color provides color protection for fine to normal hair while Dual Senses Color Extra Rich provides similar color protection to those with normal to thick hair. Dual Senses Scalp Regulation provides solutions for most common scalp problems. Dual Senses Rich Repair repairs dry damaged hair and lastly, Dual Senses Curly Twist is geared towards providing care to enhance curly and/or wavy hair.

Goldwell Inner Effect is their luxury haircare line. It restructures and regenerates your hair to bring shine and manageability. You will feel instant results with these products. Goldwell Inner Effect is broken up into 3 systems. Goldwell resoft & Color Live repairs dry and damaged hair from the inside out giving it amazing hydration and it does all of this while providing excellent color protection. Goldwell Repower & Color Live provides strength to fine, dull, limp hair and pumps it full of life, adding volume while also protecting your hair color. Goldwell Inner Effect Regulate deals with common scalp problems which ultimately cause hair problems. It helps treat dandruff and itchy, irritated scalps and will enhance the look and feel of your hair.

Goldwell most well known line of haircare products is Goldwell Kerasilk. Kerasilk shampoos and conditioners are specially created to provide shine and softness with the use of hydrolyzed silk proteins. Segmented into Rich Care and Ultra Rich Care, Goldwell Kerasilk is a very complete line of haircare products. Goldwell Kerasilk gently cleanses and conditions damaged hair with natural silk proteins and wheat lipids which moisturize and protect your hair.

Goldwell Color Glow IQ claims to be the first haircare that understands color. Aside from the fantastic in-salon pre and post-color treatments that this line provides, Goldwell Colorglow IQ offers 3product groupings for at-home use that are formulated for different hair needs related to different chemical services. These are Goldwell Colorglow IQ Brilliant Contrasts – Highlights for highlighted hair, Goldwell Colorglow IQ Deep Reflects – Color for color-treated hair and Bright Shine – Full Blonde for hair that has been chemically lightened.

Color Definition, Curl Definition and Goldwell Moisture Definition all boast formulas that help in the care and health of Color-Treated, Curly and Wavy and Dry, Damaged, Brittle hair types. Goldwell Color Definition contains Aloe Vera milk and Vitamin E to help moisturize the hair and prolong the life of your hair’s color. Goldwell Moisture Definition contains Avocado Extract lipids that assist in the balancing of moisture levels to provide for hair flexibility and elasticity, preventing breakage and other damage. This results in hair that looks and feels healthy while not being weighed down. Goldwell Curl Definition products are full of structure-building proteins extracted from almonds that help the hair regain its natural structure so that curly hair is restored with bounce and elasticity. When hair is chemically treated to be curly, as in a perm, essential hair proteins are lost in the process, Goldwell Curl Definition aims to restore what is lost in the chemical process with its almond extract and the Y-Shine Complex. All Goldwell Definition products come in two types, light and Intense. The light is for fine to normal hair, providing strength and shine and the intense is for normal to thick hair.

Goldwell Outdoor & Sun is a haircare regimen for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Outdoor activities, though fun and very healthy, wreak havoc on the hair with the exposure to the sun, air, pollution and chemicals in water. Goldwell Outdoor & Sun provides care and protection before, during and after outdoor activities. Goldwell Outdoor & Sun Products remove all of the impurities that can attack your hair in the outdoors while restoring the natural moisture of the hair and scalp.

Goldwell Trendline Styling and Finishing products give an almost limitless range of styling product options for any look. Separated into categories based on hair type and style desire, you cannot go wrong with Goldwell Trandline. The categories are geared towards Wild Hair, Natural Hair, Volume, Straight Hair, and Curly Hair. You can take your styles to height beyond your wildest imagination with this fabulous line of products.

It is obvious that Goldwell has succeeded in creating an offering that covers every imaginable haircare need. Goldwell Hair products offers something that you can use, there is no doubt about it. I encourage you to give Goldwell a try. It is tried and true hair beauty technology backed by science and stylist alike. oribe hair products

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