Cart bags are designed for people that drive golf carts or use push carts. They aren’t as well made as tour bags are made but are still very nice. Tour bags are made of leather most of the time and cart bags are usually made with other materials but are cheaper. They don’t have as much room to store accessories but are much lighter. They come with one strap to carry with but aren’t intended for players to carry them around the course.

Carry bags are very lightweight and hold only the very things needed to play golf. Some can barely hold 14 clubs and some are meant for only a few clubs. There is very little room for balls, tees, and other accessories but just enough to get you through 18 holes. If you are a consistent golfer, have a bad back, or aren’t strong enough to carry a heavy load through 18 holes, then this bag type is probably for you. These types are also very popular because the straps are like a backpack and are very comfortable.

Tour bags, other known as staff bags, are the bags that the professionals use. These bags are very nice and are almost all made with leather. Most easily fit 14 clubs and have a lot of storage for whatever you want to have on the course. The reason why these bags have a lot more room than the cart bags are because the pros don’t have the ability to use a cart and need space for tons of golf balls, tees, an umbrella, a hat, shoes, and other golf accessories.

The last bag and probably the most popular one ever is the stand bag. The stand bag is a bag that is meant for carrying around the course and for people that like to have a lot of extra stuff with them. Stand bags follow their names and stand. When a stand bag is put onto the ground, two legs are pushed out and the bag stands diagonally on three legs. This bag is most like the carry bag but with the perks of more room for accessories and the ability to stand. Different versions of this bag come with certain perks like a cooler, a valuables pouch, a strap to keep the stand from coming out when the bag is on a cart, a putter holder, and many other things. I own a stand bag with a strap for carts because I like to occasionally put my bag on a push cart and a cooler because my course doesn’t have water available around the course. You need to pick a bag with perks that you would use the most. Out of the four types of golf bags listed, I would recommend the stand bag undoubtedly. Although it is more expensive than a carry bag, it is well worth the extra money.

Before you buy a golf bag, check the weight of the bag and make sure that the weight of the bag plus everything you put in it is not too much for you to carry. Also check that it has everything you need. As you can see, golf bags are as hard to pick as golf clubs are so make sure that you put enough time into your research as you can. Michael Kors tote bag

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