Taking the soccer world by storm, grip socks are the next generation of interior footwear for serious players and athletes. They’re designed to reduce the internal movement of your feet inside football boots and provide an enhanced level of grip that could make the difference in a game won or lost on a split second.

Grip socks are made from a soft and stretchy material that allows air to circulate within them. They’re laid out with grippy pads on the bottom that eliminate that slippery feel you might get when wearing traditional football socks. They’re designed to be worn over your team socks and are placed so the grip rubber pads make contact with the inner sole of the boot.

Originally developed by a Crystal Palace Baltimore player-coach James Cherneski, the grip sock was introduced to the public by Gareth Bale and has since been used by numerous professional players including CR7, Suarez and Lamela. The concept has now been adopted by large kit suppliers who produce their own brand of grip socks.

The Benefits of Using Grip Socks
The main advantage of using grip socks is that they help to prevent blistering from excessive internal foot slippage in football boots. This is particularly common in pre-season when feet tend to sweat more than usual, combined with the fact that new boots may not have been fully broken in – it’s a recipe for blisters. The breathable materials of grip socks also reduce sweating, so when worn over a pair of cotton sports socks, they can significantly cut down on the friction and movement inside your football boots. soccer grip socks

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