Your drains deal with a lot of debris day in and out. Everything from hair in the shower drain to grease washed down the kitchen sink can build up and cause serious clogs. Aberle offers professional houston drain cleaning to help prevent these clogs and keep your home’s plumbing working properly.

Kitchen Sink Drain Clogs

From brewing your morning cup of coffee to preparing dinner for the family, your kitchen is a hub of activity. But if you’re not careful what goes down your kitchen drains, you may end up with a serious clog that requires a costly pipe repair. To avoid a kitchen drain clog, always use a strainer in your sink and throw away food scraps and other items into the garbage. Also, avoid pouring grease down the drains and wipe up excess grease using paper towels or a paper scraper before washing pots, pans and dishes.

Shower Drain Clogs

Between hair, soap scum and toothpaste, the bathroom is one of the most common areas in the home to experience a clogged drain or toilet. If you find water pooling at your feet when taking a shower, it’s time to schedule a clog removal with a local plumber.

Sewer Line Clogs

When a home’s drain line becomes blocked by tree roots or something else, a sewer backup may occur. If you suspect your sewer line has become clogged, check the outside cleanout for your home (found along sidewalks, curbs and street edges). If there’s sewer water overflowing out of the cleanout, contact 311 or submit a request online here.

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