Electrician are a vital part of the world’s infrastructure, from household appliances and car transmissions to satellite communications systems and renewable energy power grids. Robson Forensic has often been retained to investigate cases involving exposure to overhead and underground electric supply lines.

The electrical design engineer coordinates with project engineers to assure that proper space is reserved for equipment and to prevent interference with structural and mechanical elements.

Education and Training Requirements

Aside from on-the-job training and experience, electricians must take continuing education courses to stay up-to-date on new technologies and best practices. These courses are typically offered by a trade organization, university, or online learning platforms. Some electricians also participate in online webinars and workshops to expand their skills. Having access to this technology makes it easy for electricians and electrical contractors to stay competitive in a fast-changing market.

Integrating sustainability into electrical training helps the industry advance toward a greener future. The practice empowers professionals to promote eco-friendly systems, resulting in lower carbon emissions and greater cost-effectiveness. Training in sustainable principles also helps combat climate change by fostering energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, and responsible consumption.

The demand for EV charging stations is rising, and electricians are a crucial part of the process. These advanced installations require expanded electrical education and credentials to ensure safe installation. EV charging station work requires extensive knowledge of low and high voltage AC and DC power, wiring, and connections for communications networks. It’s an ideal fit for savvy electricians with broad experience and strong backgrounds in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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Work Environment

Electricians work in a variety of environments. They typically work indoors during planning and design, budgeting, meetings, and production of electrical systems. However, some assignments require them to work outdoors in the field or at a remote location. Working outdoors or at a remote location can be very difficult as it requires dealing with the weather and interacting with live wires that operate at high voltages. In some cases, these wires must be kept insulated or protected by a permanent screen to reduce the risk of electrocution and other dangerous consequences.

In addition, this position often requires the use of ladders and other power equipment to access and repair high-voltage lines, cables, and other hardware. The work also involves interacting with customers to discuss their electric service, answer questions, and help resolve problems. The job can also involve frequent contact with co-workers, contractors, engineers, and other employees outside the utility industry.

Other job duties include preparing reports and other documentation, conducting quality assurance inspections, completing SAP work orders, and acquiring and maintaining specialty tools and equipment. The ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, is essential for this position. The work environment also includes regular exposure to vibration and a moderate amount of physical activity.


The salary of an electrical engineer can vary significantly depending on the industry and location. EEs in industries like aerospace and computers tend to earn more than EEs teaching in trade schools, but overall starting salaries lie within a narrow range comparable to that of many other professions.

Senior electrical engineers who have advanced degrees can often increase their pay by switching to a new employer that is willing to compensate them for their skills. Other ways to increase the amount of money you make as an electrical engineer include gaining managerial experience and increasing your level of education.

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