A hydraulic oil cooler is a heat exchanger used to cool the lubricating hydraulic oil used to power machinery, vehicles and mechanical equipment. They remove excessive heat that is generated by energy loss in a system, ambient air temperatures and other sources, such as friction between systems components, to keep the hydraulic oil within its operational temperature specifications and optimum working range.

hydraulic oil coolers work on the conductive transfer principle, whereby the thermal energy in the hydraulic oil is transferred to a cooling medium, such as water or air, by passing the hot hydraulic fluid through a series of thin tubes exposed to a constant flow of low temperature cooling media. The absorbed heat is then shed away from the cooler, typically into the surrounding atmosphere.

The result is that the circulating hydraulic oil is kept at an operationally acceptable temperature range, and the life of the hydraulic fluid is extended as it is able to perform its lubricating functions more effectively. Conversely, if the thermal energy in the hydraulic system goes unconstrained, the hydraulic oil will become excessively thin and lose its ability to function as efficiently as it was designed for. This can cause mechanical damage to system components and reduce the lifespan of the hydraulic system.

Bowman manufactures a wide variety of marine oil coolers that are ideal for many applications including Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Power Washers, Engines and almost any mechanical application where there is a requirement to cool the Hydraulic Oil. Our team of experienced sales staff are able to recommend the correct model of Thermaflow or Hydraflow oil cooler to suit your application. They can also advise on installation, operation and maintenance of your Bowman cooling unit to help you get the most from it over its working lifetime.

We offer a comprehensive range of air cooled, liquid cooled and brazed plate hydraulic oil coolers in varying sizes and performance characteristics. All models are rated to meet the requirements of ISO 8573-1:2004. They can be supplied with or without a bypass valve and have mounting brackets to allow them to be mounted horizontally, vertically or on their side.

Taking care of your Bowman Hydraulic Oil Cooler

The health and performance of a hydraulic oil cooler depends on how it is installed, operated, commissioned and maintained. Using the correct product for your application, keeping it within its manufacturer’s recommended water velocity, pressure and temperature limits and regularly cleaning it, will ensure that your Bowman heat exchanger will last longer and operate at maximum efficiency. Please download our comprehensive ‘Installation, Operation & Maintenance Guide’ for further information.

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