If you want a superior lighting system for your off-roading vehicle, the light output of Rigid Industries will knock your socks off. If visibility is important, whether off road or cruising, Rigid Industries has light bars, HD lights, back up lights and much more for your vehicle.

These products are built tough: they have to be because they’re also made for vehicles in the mining industry, agriculture, military, public safety and the marine worlds as well. Any lights that can stand up to salt water conditions, industrial applications and heavy duty farm use, well you know they’re built to perform and to last! After all, if it’s good enough for the U.S. military then it’s good enough for anyone.

What Rigid Industries’ Lights Have to Offer Your Vehicle

Rigid Industries makes lights for vehicles… any type of light from the dome light on the interior of your truck to rugged high-power D-Series flood lights for heavy night-use equipment. On all lighting products the circuitry is designed so it’s guaranteed to work precisely with the unit it’s installed into. The light are always engineered to be as powerful, efficient and cool as possible. If your light is generating too much heat, then it is more likely to fail at some point. Not Rigid Industries’ lights. From years of experience and constant testing of their products in real-life applications, they know how to design lights that out-perform and outlast all the competition.

Quality is the Number One Priority

Quality is superior in every way. For example, rubber seals are custom molded for proper functionality. Lenses are manufactured to be unscratchable and unbreakable. LED lights get a powder coat finish. Housings are as rugged as they come, made of durable aluminum. They also goes the extra mile and creates their lights with extra large heat sinks. That ensures a larger allowance for cooling of the bulbs, which in turn makes them last longer. The cooler you can keep your bulbs, the longer they will last. The expertly designed lenses catch and reflect the light of the bulbs perfectly to maximize the lighting power.

Rigid Industries makes economy-minded versions of its products, too. Choose the full blown model for maximum lighting power, or the budget-friendly version for less range of light but a friendly price.

Light Bars

Rigid Industries is also an innovator in the vehicle lighting industry. Their E-Series light bar was the first one of its kind: a projected LED light bar. It’s been around since 2006 and continues to maintain its position as leader of the pack when it comes to technology and engineering. Like other Rigid Industries products, the aluminum housing protect your light from the harsh elements, while the polycarbonate lens makes a perfect seal for years of use. This is a core product of Rigid Industries, so they are proud to manufacture the Original Light Bar for all types of vehicle applications: car, light truck, agriculture equipment, fire and rescue vehicles, etc. custom socks with logo

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