Being one of the most cosmopolitan & sophisticated Middle East Medical Hubs UAE has been attracting many Emirati & International Couples & Singles seeking Fertility Treatment. This is especially true for those wanting to avail of the new ART Law which allows Egg & Sperm Freezing cycles (both Gender Selection & Chromosomal Karyotyping) as well as other advanced PGD/PGS procedures.

Eve IVF Center Sharjah is a leading IVF center in the UAE offering world-class ART Processes. Their expertise enables them to offer patients superior fertility treatments at competitive rates. This makes them a top choice for couples seeking affordable IVF services in Dubai.

During this procedure, healthy eggs will be retrieved from the female partner’s ovaries using a thin needle. Next, the male partner’s semen will be collected and screened for healthy sperm. Afterwards, the eggs and sperm will be inseminated. This will perform under expert observation using a special device called a Petri dish.

This method will help the expert monitor implantation and growth of the fertilized eggs. Then, the best fertilized embryos will be selected and implanted in the female uterus. It is an important part of the IVF treatment. The implantation is also done under expert observations to prevent complications. This technique is a safe and effective way to achieve pregnancy. However, it can only be done once all the conditions have been met. This is why it is important to choose the best fertility clinic Dubai for your treatment.

IVF Clinic Sharjah

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