Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive one, playing League can be a huge time sink. However, there are ways to be productive while still playing a fun and exciting game! Learn how to improve your micro/macro knowledge, game mechanics, and rank with this course from former LCS coach, NicoThePico.

This is a very difficult game to master, and as such, it’s important to approach it with a mentality that mimics what you would use when trying to achieve a top level in something else. Large skill growth and reaching a competitive level requires a lot of hard work, just like in chess, or any other sport or activity.

The League of Legends Lecture series was a series of YouTube videos made by Riot Games employees who worked on the game. It offered a new way for players to see inside the studio, giving them a glimpse into Riot’s day-to-day focus and allowing them to better understand what goes into making the game.

By design, League of Legends produces conflict. Not just the in-game, wizard-vs-demon kind of conflict, but real human tension that can result in tense interactions with other players or even full-out fights. Sensitive and tactful players can often massage this conflict out of existence, but it’s a constant force in the world of Summoner’s Rift. The conflict embedded in the very fabric of the game can be both a distraction and a stifler of progress, and the best players know how to play around it. 롤대리

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