As a beginner in makeup, have you ever been confused while choosing makeup? Are you the one; who is always tempted to do makeup but knows nothing about it? There are so many options in makeup products, and due to lack of knowledge, we tend to get the wrong shade of base.

So it’s pretty common to get confused, and you might feel why are there so many options? Where to start with makeup? What steps do I need to follow and what not? Which foundation shade should I get? Well, don’t worry; you are not alone. Whether you are a beginner or somewhere in between, I have summed up some simple steps by which you can achieve a simple yet elegant look and even make it more creative.

Step 1: Skin Preparation:

Before starting with the makeup, it’s crucial to prep your skin . If you don’t, your base will not last for long. Your foundation looks cakey, and the concealer starts making creases under the eyes. So to avoid that, wash your face and apply a toner, moisturizer, and then apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Makeup glides onto your skin if you prep it properly. It would be the base of your makeup. Take your time to apply all your skincare products and let them sink into your skin.

Step 2: Apply Primer:

You might have heard about primer before, but why is it crucial to apply it before makeup? What if you skip the primer? Primer has a matte agent which helps to blur out the open pores and fine lines. Primers are known to create a barrier between our skin and makeup. It prevents makeup from getting inside the pores, creating a thin shield on the skin. If you skip primer, the makeup you have applied comes in direct contact with your skin and can make your face dull and unhealthy. Your makeup won’t last for long. So it’s an ideal step of makeup.

Primer comes in different formulas. Hence, you need to find out your skin type and then get the primer according to that. It has to be applied on areas where you tend to get oil fast, basically on the forehead, cheek, and chin area (T-zone).

Step 3: Apply Foundation Base and Concealer:

What could be the possible difference between them? When and where to apply these makeup products? Well, foundation and concealer are made to cover all your flaws and even out the complexion. Foundation gives you sheer coverage considering concealer is a thicker version of the foundation. Concealer helps to conceal all your pigmentation or blemishes, which might not cover through the foundation. You can use concealer first and then foundations or vice versa; both techniques are correct. You need to dab a small amount of concealer where you need more coverage, like to cover dark circles, acne spots, pigmentation, and blemishes.

Step 4: Apply Setting Powder:

To set the foundation and concealer in place, you need to layer it with a setting powder. To prevent creasing and caking of the foundation and concealer, setting powder comes in handy. It absorbs excess oil and stops greasing.

Apply it under the eyes to prevent creasing of the concealer and on the T-zone area (forehead, chin, around the nose) where skin tends to get oily.

Step 5: Fill in Your Eyebrows:

Eyebrows can highlight your entire look. Whether you have thick brows or thin, any shape can change your look. Fill your brows with a dark brown eyebrow pencil and see how it changed your face.

Brush your brows and start filling them with small strokes. Use very light hands and brush them to cover empty spots. It defines your face structure so, don’t neglect the eyebrows.

Step 6: Apply EyeShadow:

Eyes and lips are the most outspoken feature of your face. Adding some tints to your eyelids can define your eyes and provide some depth to the look. You can go creative with your eyes. If you aren’t comfortable experimenting with color, apply just a single shade. You can try brown or nude eye shadows first and then go further with some pop of color.

Take the eye shadow shade of your choice and start building it all over your lid. Blend it with a blending brush; to soften out the harsh edges. That’s it; for the eye shadow application.

Step 7: Apply Kohl or Eyeliner:

To open up your eyes or make them appear big; kohl can help you out with that. Apply it at the rim or under your eyes to get a prominent look. If you are comfortable applying liner, you can go for it. Just apply in small strokes at the rim of the upper eyelid. Initially, it will take more time than usual, but when you have learned the trick. It will hardly take 2 minutes to apply eyeliner. Try as much as you can; makeup is all about practice. antimony kohl

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