The LED cylinder light is an ideal way to add accent lighting to a space without overpowering it. The simple shape produces a subtle burst of light that will highlight other design elements, allowing the furniture, art and decor to take center stage. Cylinder lights can be mounted in a variety of ways depending on the space and desired lighting effect. They can be integrated into a ceiling or wall to provide downlighting for retail displays or restaurant tables and they are also available in recessed and surface mount options for corridors and lobbies. They can be combined with a linear LED strip to create a wall sconce or installed outdoors as an entryway fixture.

This Up and Down Cylinder LED Wall Light from WesGate Mfg features a sleek, elegant body that is perfect for residential or commercial spaces. It can be used to illuminate entryways, walkways, stairwells and porches, providing the perfect amount of ambient or accent lighting for any exterior area. It is suitable for use in wet locations, allowing it to withstand outdoor environments and resist corrosion.

This light has many settings that can be adjusted directly in the 3D viewport. These include Radiance, Shadow Type, Samples and Length, along with Position and Rotation controls. The Luminance (Intensity) setting uses a physically accurate model to determine the intensity of the light as it moves away from the object it is lighting. The falloff of the light is based on the inverse square of the distance; this means that the light will appear half as bright at twice the distance. Other settings that can be configured include the Orientation, Roll and Time Offset values.

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