The right branding is critical to building a business, and magnetic signs for trucks offer an affordable way to market your brand on the go. Whether your team is delivering to a customer in Ticonderoga or installing a door in Plattsburgh, truck magnets are a great option for generating impressions while you’re on the move.

The key is simplicity. Truck magnets should only display your company name and contact information, as pedestrians on the street will have limited time to read and process what they’re seeing — too much text and imagery may drown out your message and cause confusion. It’s also a good idea to keep the graphic color scheme simple; as your truck whizzes past passersby, they should be able to distinguish the colors in the design. Red can signal urgency, blue can suggest strength or calmness, and green is a natural choice to evoke peace and harmony.

Unlike painted or glued on decals, magnetic signs can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving residue or reducing your vehicle’s resale value. They’re ideal for businesses that hire or lease vehicles in their fleet and can’t afford to invest in more permanent spot graphics. They’re also a perfect solution for personal drivers who want to use their car for work and leisure. In addition to their versatility, magnetic signs are surprisingly durable, and will withstand weathering that would see-off lesser materials.

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