Moroccan tiles are a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of exotic flair to their home design. Steeped in tradition, this lovely tile look has withstood the test of time and is no passing fad. In fact, Moroccan tiles are a timeless classic that can be used in many different types of home design, from backsplashes to flooring and more.

The history of Moroccan tiles goes back centuries, with Zellige – also known as zillij or zellige – being the oldest and most traditional form of this type of decorative tile art. These mosaic pieces are chiselled by hand and fit together in a geometric fashion to create beautiful and intricate patterns. The designs are not random, however – each piece has meaning and symbolism. Mosaic tiles can feature shapes like stars, polygons and crosses as well as stylised floral motifs.

Authentic Zellige is made from natural clay that is mixed by hand, shaped into the desired shape and then baked in a kiln. The kiln is usually heated by wood which gives each individual Moroccan tile a unique and varied finish. These variations in colour and surface texture make each piece of Zellige truly special and one-of-a-kind.

Whether your space is modern or more rustic, there’s no doubt that these beautiful handmade tiles can add a gorgeous touch to any room. They can brighten up a dull kitchen or give a classic bathroom an elegant update. They’re even suitable for use in transitional spaces because they work so well with other materials such as wood, metal and glass.

While they may be more eye-catching than smooth and glossy contemporary tiles, the texture of Moroccan tiles can also take some extra work to maintain. Rough and uneven surfaces can require more attention to clean as they can be harder to wipe down than smooth, glossy tiles. This is particularly true of traditionally handmade Moroccan tiles. However, if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, Moroccan-style tiles can really shine and provide a real wow factor for any space.

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While Moroccan-style tiles are incredibly versatile, they look particularly striking when used to create an accent wall, a wainscoting or a backsplash. Adding these elements to any space will instantly bring the look to life and draw the eye upwards, creating a sense of depth and dimension. For a bolder look, you could also use Moroccan-style tiles to frame your fireplace or surround your window.

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