Athletes pursuing their sports passions abroad have opportunities to compete in different cultures and take their game to the next level. Taking an Army, Corps or Unit team to an Overseas Sport Visit (OSV) requires Authority, Staff Clearance and chain of command clearance.

The National Hockey League draws some of its hundreds of millions in international revenue from foreign markets. Major league baseball does too.

Sports Envoy Program

The Sports Envoy program sends current or former American coaches and athletes to countries around the world to lead sports clinics that promote inclusive values, foster youth resiliency and build a network of global leaders. In addition, the Sports Visitor program brings international sport administrators and youth athletes to the United States to interact with their American counterparts and experience American society through the lens of sport.

GSMP partners with U.S. embassies and consulates to implement Sports Envoy programs, working closely with American professional sports leagues and national sports federations to recruit the best possible candidates to lead these exchanges. These envoys work in collaboration with their local partner to advance the goals of each program, including empowering women and girls and engaging marginalized communities.

Student envoys are expected to be respectful, adaptable, strong communicators, and culturally aware. They may be tasked with welcoming a country delegation at the airport, accompanying them on their day-to-day activities, or providing support throughout the duration of the trip.

International Sports Programming Initiative

International development projects use sports to empower young people, build social cohesion and foster global collaboration. These programs can also promote social change by encouraging youth to learn about their rights, develop leadership and critical thinking skills, follow healthy lifestyle advice, and mitigate extremist voices.

GRLS convenes gender and feminist-focused Sport for Youth Development (S4YD) grassroots organizations from around the world, including in the US. Through these workshops, participants share experiences and strategies that are impacting their communities and promoting social change.

Coaches Across Continents and Women Win are excited to have been selected to implement an international exchange between the USA and Vietnam. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this particular exchange will take place virtually. To see more about this virtual exchange click here. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is currently accepting proposals from public and private non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations to manage sports exchanges for underserved youth and their coaches/administrators who manage their own youth sports programs. The competition is open until August 31, 2018.

International Sports Visits

International youth sport competitions allow sports team members and their families to experience foreign cultures, while strengthening their athletic skills and gaining a new perspective on life. This type of travel is called sports tourism, and it can result in scholarships, friendships and meaningful experiences that last a lifetime.

Big-name sporting events draw a lot of attention and people to the cities that host them, which means that rates or prices for things such as hotels and flights will be higher around those dates. It’s best to secure reservations well in advance, so that you can get the rates and location you want, rather than getting locked out or paying exorbitant prices closer to the event.

With 28 years of industry expertise, IST has developed strong relationships with major airlines and hotel groups, providing competitive tour costs and a deep understanding of sports travel logistics. This enables us to deliver first class service, reliability and value for money for our clients.

Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships can help students get the opportunity to play at a university level. They allow students to combine their studies with a sport they love, travel around the USA, earn a university degree and make new friends. The skills learned as athletes are also very helpful for the professional world.

Scholarship limitations differ across sports. This is because some sports generate lots of revenue, attract top talent, have large rosters and are highly established leagues. However, this doesn’t mean that a player is less likely to receive a sports scholarship than another.

It’s crucial for a potential student-athlete to ensure that coaches are aware of their athletic abilities. This means scheduling core classes, preparing a recruiting profile and sending emails to coaches. It also helps to have letters of recommendation from teachers and mentors. Academic scholarships are also available and can add to the value of a sporting scholarship. These can be awarded for a number of reasons, such as high GPA or test scores and class rank. 해외스포츠

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