As customers and diners trickle into your restaurant, they will take a moment to look around and absorb their surroundings, especially while they wait to be seated.  If you decorate the place right, your customers will feel the ambiance created by the elegant and stylish elements of your décor.

Fresh flowers that complement your restaurant’s interior and color scheme will help produce a warm, welcoming, and hospitable environment. Raise your diners’ spirits and make them feel welcome by placing a small, artistically-made arrangement of fresh flowers on each table. 

Flower arrangements for a restaurant centerpiece can range from modest to lavish.  When considering flower arrangements for each table, keep in mind that the flowers are there to add charm to your restaurant, not serve as a distraction.  As such, choose a petite arrangement placed in a shallow bowl.  Never get large floral centerpieces that obstruct the view from across the table, as this will make it difficult for your diners to talk to each other.  The centerpiece should never be the center of the table’s conversation.

Whatever flower arrangement you’ve chosen, you can always add fruits to it to make it appear more colorful, interesting, and sweet-smelling.  Citrus fruits in particular go great with the scent of some roses.  Try adding the fruit as a whole or cutting them into slices.  Be careful while using fruits though – make sure you don’t allow the fruit to get ripe near the flowers, as this will shorten the arrangement’s lifespan.  If it goes with the overall look of the centerpiece, you can also add sprigs of dried flowers to the arrangement.  

Finally, choose flowers that will live five to seven days when watered regularly, like hydrangeas and chrysanthemums.  While other short-living flowers might look pretty, replacing them every two or three days will get too costly.  Get the ones that have lots small buds as these can live for up to two weeks, and remove the wilting flowers as the buds start to blossom. 

Add water to the vase every day to ensure a fresh supply of nutrients.  When your restaurant closes, keep the flower arrangements in the fridge; they should be able to fit in there if they are small, shallow arrangements.  To make the flowers last even longer, get a flower preservative from your florist or place two drops of bleach into the water to preserve the petals and to prevent bacteria growth. arreglos de flores

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