When measuring for an area rug there are some standard guidelines, BUT each room and area are different. Here are some guidelines that we have used over many years of measuring and making rugs. They are basic ideas and might not always work for your area.

1. When measuring for any rug, use masking tape to outline where you first think the rug should be. Your eye can now tell how the rug will look in a room. (When using a measuring tape, you lose perspective of your rug porportions) The tape can be moved easily to change the size. When you are satisfied, measure the tape area. This technique is especially helpful in cut out foyers and hallways.

2. Some areas to consider in measuring for rugs: A corner of a rug should not end in the middle of a doorway. The corner will eventually curl up from traffic and creates a tripping problem. Look at the lines of a room, architectural elements, and any type of line that you can follow and frame with your rug. This creates unity and will make the room flow. We use this idea in cutting the rugs around fireplaces and angles.

3. Steps: Measure number of steps, width of runner or total step, landing width and length, and which way landing turns. Most installers can figure out how much material you need from these figures. A good rule for runner sizes: leave 3″-4″ of floor showing on either side of the step.

4. Dining Rooms: Close your table. This means place your chairs to the table with no one sitting in them. Measure 2′ from the back chair leg on length and width. This will be abasic size that will frame the table. Usually there is less room on the ends than on the sides. You can reduce the ends to a minimum of 15″ behind the back chair legs. There is generally more room on the sides to add more rug width. Also take notice of the side pieces of furniture. If you have room, take the rug up to the furniture and not under. See an example of a framed Dining Room Rug.

5. If you find a standard size rug that is to small for your room, consider layering it over a plain larger custom sized rug. This rug should be a low pile. This also will work with layering a small area rug over wall to wall carpet. vintage persian rugs

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