Growing up watching action movies, shooting might seem like an easy thing to do but the reality is far from it. Gun shooting requires concentration, composure and dexterity – all under the supervision of passionate and seasoned professionals at a shooting range in Budapest. Shooting is an exhilarating activity that makes a great choice for a stag or birthday party, as it’s not only guaranteed to be exciting but will help build stronger bonds between the group of friends.

A new shooting range in Budapest that’s been making waves among locals and visitors alike is Erva Sportlovo Klub, a safe place to unleash your inner marksman. The venue offers a variety of packages to cater to different levels of experience with firearms, from those who are first timers to those who have fired guns before. Once the safety rules and protocols have been explained, participants can take turns firing a number of weapons at paper targets, with instructors on hand to guide you and offer tips.

Another option is Churchill Shooting Range, which boasts a selection of over 300 weapons on its website. Depending on the package you choose, you can shoot anything from Uzis and MP5’s to sniper class weapons. As with all shooting ranges in Budapest, you’ll be taken through a safety briefing and guided by experienced staff to get the most out of your session. Once you’ve finished, you can pose with your weapons for photos and even take the paper targets back as souvenirs.

With so many options and a wealth of activities, Hungary is a great country to visit with kids, particularly the capital city of Budapest. Stroll along the historic Danube Promenade from Elizabeth Bridge to Chain Bridge, or get a different perspective on Budapest’s top sights from the deck of a boat on a cruise on the River Danube. Over 15 million gallons of water bubble daily into the city’s 118 springs and boreholes, giving Budapest the reputation as a city of baths. The most famous are the Gellert and Szechenyi Spas, but you could also head to Rudas Spa, a dramatic 16th-century Turkish pool with original Ottoman architecture.

For outdoor adventure, drive west into Hungary’s mountainous Pannonia region that’s dotted with nature reserves, national parks and ancient towns and villages. Hungary’s largest lake is in Siofok, the country’s 24/7 summer resort where water sports and lively beaches are the focus of a fun holiday. Or head to the Bukk Mountains to find soaring peaks and a forest park packed with wildlife, narrow gauge railways and walking trails. Then there’s Eger, a UNESCO World Heritage castle town that’s beautifully preserved and filled with fascinating history. It’s worth a day trip from the capital. There’s also the Memento Park, a unique open-air museum of statues that survived the 50 year communist period when most countries destroyed them. It’s a reminder of the country’s complex past. shooting range Budapest

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