When you’re planning a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower or any other event, a cake is an essential component of the entire affair. The good news is that Sydney and its suburbs are overflowing with expert bakers ready to customise cakes the way you want them. But the bad news is that choosing from all these delicious options can be a bit overwhelming. So we’ve made things easier for you with a list of the 14 best cake shops that deliver all over Sydney and its surrounding areas.

The first thing you’ll notice about Black Star Pastry is how Instagram-worthy their creations are. This is thanks to the swoon-worthy layered cakes and decadent sweet treats made with ingredients like pear, mango, strawberry and white chocolate. They also make a variety of gluten-free and vegan cakes, too.

You’ll find the most creative, colourful cakes at this quaint cafe in Leichhardt. Their savoury lunch-time pastries and croissants are also worth checking out — you’ll find the likes of crunchy buckwheat, rustic sourdough and seasonal fruit danishes. Then, come back for dessert and a slice of one of their heavenly ricotta cakes.

It’s easy to forget that a beautiful cake is not something that should be reserved for only special occasions. That’s why Vivienne and Juno are here to help with everyday indulgences, too. Their cakes come in all flavours and sizes, including red velvet, vanilla and choc mud, and are iced with either buttercream or fondant.

Those elaborate flower-topped cakes you’ve probably seen all over your social media feed are the creation of head chef Andy Bowdy and his team at Saga. Their cakes are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious, with flavours ranging from classic to contemporary and even experimental.

While you’re there, try their pannacotta-soaked lamingtons — they’re baked goods royalty. If you’re not in the mood for a takeaway, eat in and feast on their oh-so-cheesy pannacotta pancakes or one of their scrumptious French desserts.

A boulangerie that lists Tetsuya’s and Sepia on its CV, this Concord bakery is a definite must-visit. The husband-and-wife team carries over European techniques to make the city’s best pastries and cakes. Expect mouthwatering tarts, meringues, sticky buns, choux pastry and a range of other delectable desserts behind glass-encased displays.

It’s likely you’ve tried a Brickfields croissant or pie without even knowing it. This Chippendale bakery supplies many of Sydney’s best cafes with bread, but it’s at their main venue that you can sample original creations. Their syrupy, chiffon-soft Persian love cakes and the super-sized version are particularly good. Their spelt, zucchini and lemon chiffon is another worthy pick. Cake Sydney

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