The best employee communication apps help teams keep up with each other’s progress and stay in touch with colleagues across different locations. These tools are easy to adopt and offer a variety of features for modern workplaces. Some are even mobile-friendly and can be used on the go.

Some of the best internal communications apps include Slack, a popular tool that has swept the modern workplace by spearheading channel-based messaging. Its chat feature can be integrated with other work management apps and offers options for voice and video calls. It can also support team “huddles” and screen sharing.

Another great internal communication app is Trello, which is customized to help teams with project management. Its boards show each task’s status, and users can create cards and move them freely to other lists for easy organization. This tool allows employees to stay on top of their objectives, and it eliminates the need for email updates that are often overlooked or misinterpreted.

Lastly, Connecteam is a good option for frontline employees in hospitality or retail. This app has a simple and attractive interface that makes it easier for workers to get up to speed with the software. Its features include group or private chat, push notifications, in-app directory, instant updates with social functions, suggestion boxes and surveys, and more. It also supports more than 100 languages.

Choosing an employee communication app that is suitable for your business requires careful consideration of your needs, the requirements of your employees, and your budget. Make sure to read reviews, seek recommendations, and try out demos or trial versions to determine which one is right for your company.

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