You’re likely familiar with leather as a material for shoes, belts and handbags, but it’s also used in a host of other consumer products. From leather keychains to couches, the materials are versatile and able to suit all types of aesthetics—whether you prefer a more rugged look or something sleeker and minimal. The beauty of this natural product is its durability and longevity—when well-cared for, these pieces can last a lifetime. This makes them a worthwhile investment for those with an appreciation for quality, as well as a sustainable option that’s more environmentally friendly than synthetic alternatives.

The best online leather goods brands feature durable designs that are made from genuine animal hides rather than chemically-treated, manmade materials. The resulting items can range in size, from small keychains to large furniture, and have many benefits, including their ability to withstand wear and tear. While they may carry a higher price tag upfront, they’re often worth the investment in terms of their longevity and the superior build quality that comes with being handmade.

Portland-based Moop has a knack for designing functional yet interesting bags, wallets and accessories in supple leather that intersects the old with the new. With an ethos of creating pieces that “last a lifetime”, the brand is committed to ethical manufacturing and uses only the highest-quality hides. Its leather crafting workshops let customers learn the basics and try their hand at making their own products, while its website retails timeless pieces like clutch folios and wallets.

Founded by a former architect, Noble Macmillan focuses on functionality and timeless style in its leather goods. Its leather jackets and backpacks are built to withstand the elements, with details like extra pockets and scratch-resistance pebble-grain cowhide. The company sources its leather from various locations around the world, aiming to avoid working with hides that come from animals bred for their skin’s appearance, as well as those raised in cramped, unsanitary conditions.

Leatherworkers at Sondermade custom-make everything from watch straps and bracelets to cufflinks and keychains in their Queens, NY workshop. The bespoke business uses high-quality leathers sourced from tanneries all over the world, and the quality is evident in each finished piece.

While machine-made leather goods can be cheaper to produce, they’re prone to wear and tear that’s difficult to avoid. Authentic leather, on the other hand, is a naturally durable and long-lasting material that can be easily repaired—and it looks great too. If you’re looking to add some classic, stylish leather to your wardrobe, check out the offerings from these 12 online startups. These brands are all devoted to ethical production and offer a wide variety of styles, textures and colors. They’re sure to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Leather goods

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