The history of French wines started way back in the Roman Empire when almost all lands were converted into vineyards. There was so much supply of French wines that it had already been considered as a surplus commodity. However, during AD 92, the emperor decided to put a stop to its clamor and growth by demanding all vineyards that are found outside of Italy to be uprooted. This led to the loss of many vineyard owners. Fortunately, replanting was permitted again, and this time, the industry of French wines made sure it covered almost all major points in the world, such as England, Germany, and, of course, France.

Today, the latter has proven itself to be one of the best in the market. In fact, its industry is one of the biggest, along with its other European competitors like Spain and Italy. More than 20 percent of the wine produced and sold in wine shops come from France, especially from the town of Bordeaux, where they are numerous vineyards scattered all over the village. What makes Bordeaux even more endearing is the fact that the French wines they come up with are always regarded for their exceptional quality. Those specialties that come from Champagne and Burgundy are considered to be very rare, simply because their vineyards are highly limited. That’s why they also cost higher in the market.

The industry of French wines is one of the most competitive too. The AOC or Appellation d’Origine Controlee, one of the most established food agencies in the world, sets the criteria for the French wines. All French wines before are classified into two. There are conventional table French wines, which are actually of no significance to wine lovers and to the international wine market. The other, on the other hand, is the first-class French wines, which are the most expensive and yet the most sought after by wine aficionados. However, because of the growing market for wines and the rising costs of them, makers of French wines have decided to branch out and develop new kinds of wines. These include the country as well as the grape wines.

The industry of French wines, however, is experiencing some problems these days. For one, AOC has regulated the production of French wines, and this has given so much constraint to the industry. Moreover, many people believe that due to the policies of AOC, French wines are already losing their edge, and there are already a number of makers of French wines who are already going bankrupt.

Moreover, there are several vineyards that are in dire straits. They are extremely under debt, and making things worse is the truth that there aren’t a lot of people who are purchasing French wines in the market today. They have to necessarily compete with other vintage wines that are gaining more popularity.

Nevertheless, French wines will always be a part of the lives of people, especially for those who love to dine and drink. You can still find rarest kinds of them online. Prices are very much affordable, yet you’re never scrimped of their quality. best wine tours in Willamette Valley

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