The fitness industry is abuzz with a new type of workout studio: the fitness hub. These hybrid fitness spaces are a cross between the traditional gym and boutique classes. They offer a buffet of workouts for one price, and provide trainers with the resources they need to keep members engaged and motivated.

This model has proven to be successful for a handful of businesses, including upscale gyms like The Fighter’s Club in Hong Kong and the luxury fitness club Crunch Fitness. They have taken the lead in promoting the benefits of these hybrid studios, showcasing their space and attracting new clients with a compelling brand message.

While these hybrid fitness sites have a lot in common with their studio peers, the best of them stand out for their ability to provide high-quality content and deliver a seamless experience across devices. The websites showcase the trainers’ certifications and specialty, but also serve as a digital sales tool by clearly displaying their offerings and allowing users to book sessions online.

For example, the site for The Limit Cycling Studio, a hybrid fitness company in Canada, has a clear listing of their in-person and virtual classes on both desktop and mobile devices. They list their in-person and Zoom classes (including live Saturday dance parties) and robust library of on-demand videos, which makes it easy for users to find the classes they want and need.

In addition, The Limit’s site features a number of testimonials from their members that reinforce the value of the business, which is also reflected in their branding on social media. This emphasis on customer-centricity is a great way to set your gym apart from the competition.

Another gym that is embracing the hybrid fitness trend is the YMCA of Brooklyn. Their branded app allows members to sign up for classes and schedule personal training appointments. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, and provides a variety of workouts for all fitness levels, from beginner to expert. The app also tracks member’s progress over time to help them achieve their fitness goals. It has also been recommended by the New York Times for its ease of use and comprehensiveness. fitness hub

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