Let me tell you a quick story. The only FDA approved prescription wrinkle cream is tretinoin. Brand names include ABERELA, RENOVA, RETIN-A and AVITA. It is the acidic form of vitamin A. It has been used to treat acne and other skin conditions, but there are many negative side effects. Here you can learn about the negative side effects and the safer alternatives.

The negative side effects include dryness, redness, scaling, itching and burning. It increases the skin’s sensitivity to allergens and toxins. It also increases the risk of sunburn. It causes thinning of the skin, which also accompanies the aging process. While it may be beneficial for treating acne, its long-term use by an older person just does not seem logical.

It is interesting to note that a symptom of vitamin A deficiency is dryness and flaking of the skin, but there are two types of dietary vitamin A. One is retinol, which tretinoin is derived from. The other is carotenoids, which are found in many fruits and vegetables. At high doses retinol is toxic to the human body. Carotenoids on the other hand are non-toxic. The body converts it to vitamin A on an as-needed basis and discards the rest.

You can get a non-prescription alternative to prescription wrinkle cream. The best ones contain carotenoids. Those creams are not accompanied by the unwanted side effects of tretinoin use. Night creams containing avocado oil and Shea butter provide carotenoids, as well as other nutrients that contribute to the skin’s health. It seems that all the skin really needs to repair itself is the right nutrients.

For example, creams containing coenzyme Q10 have been shown to reduce roughness and dryness by 26%, increase hydration by 37% and decrease wrinkles by 29% after only six weeks of use. There may soon be a prescription wrinkle cream on the market that contains a synthetic metabolite of coenzyme Q10. It is called idebenone. But, over the counter creams containing natural coenzyme Q10 are already available.

Another example of a nutrient that improves the skin’s health and appearance is the peptide. Peptides are like proteins, in that they are chains of amino acids. But, peptides have smaller chains of amino acids than proteins like collagen and elastin. These smaller chained peptides can be absorbed by the skin and have been shown to increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers. When applied topically, this has the effect of diminishing lines and wrinkles.

There is no prescription wrinkle cream containing peptides, but there are effective over-the-counter creams that contain them. You won’t see these creams in drug stores or cosmetic counters. The ingredients are too expensive. But, you can order them over the internet for a reasonable price.

Bottom line, the effectiveness of these products depends on the concentration of active ingredients. Most products contain only a very small amount of the active components. You should shop for a brand that contains high concentrations and guarantees satisfaction. There is no need to pay for an expensive prescription wrinkle cream. It isn’t your best choice, anyway. tretinoin cream uk

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