The work of voice over artists can be exciting, challenging and incredibly fun. You will have the opportunity to meet amazing people and be involved in productions that reach millions of viewers and listeners. The career is also very flexible and offers no age restrictions. In addition, you will be able to work from home which is perfect if you have children or pets.

The job varies depending on the genre and the client. It requires excellent articulation and the ability to interpret written scripts. It is not as physically demanding as other types of acting, but it still requires a strong work ethic and time spent in a studio rehearsing and recording. Most successful voice over artists take acting or voice lessons with a professional coach, and they are often required to pay for ongoing training to keep their skills sharp.

Depending on the type of work you choose to do, you may be required to record long or short pieces. For example, reading an audiobook requires excellent diction and a steady reading voice, but voicing a video game will call for shouts and gasps. Occasionally, a voice over artist will also be hired to record additional dialogue (ADR) for actors who are unavailable on set.

Regardless of what kind of projects you are interested in doing, the first step is taking an acting class with a reputable teacher who cares about your success and does not just sell demos to hopefuls. You will also need a good actor headshot. voice over artists

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