As the name implies, Tor is a method of online anonymity. It encrypts data and reroutes web traffic through a network of servers. Tor is popular with people who want to avoid surveillance or censorship. From journalists and civil society organizations to users of dark web services, many use it for legitimate purposes. However, it’s also a tool that’s used by criminals and fraudsters to carry out illicit activity online.

What is a tor browser?

A tor browser is a web browser that uses the Tor network to provide anonymity for both website hosts and visitors. It’s the basis of the dark web, and is used to access sites that don’t appear on search engines or in traditional browsers. It’s also used for a range of other online privacy-enhancing activities.

Tor’s onion routing technique encrypts and reroutes web traffic through dyadic layers of network nodes. This makes it hard for others to trace your online activity or location, but it’s not foolproof. For example, malicious exit nodes can read and intercept your data or form a connection with your network to spy on your activity. There are also concerns that the people operating entry, middle, and exit nodes may be government agencies or corporations.

Tor also doesn’t protect you from malware, and some websites can detect it when it’s used to visit them. To minimize the risk, only download Tor from its official site and don’t log into any personal accounts (like email) while using it. what is a tor browser

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