Conservatories have become increasingly popular as they add extra living space to your home, giving you somewhere to work and relax. They can also be used to increase the value of your property, particularly if you opt for a solid tiled roof. However, the type of roof you have will impact your conservatory’s functionality as well as the aesthetic. There are a few different styles of conservatory roof to choose from including polycarbonate, glass and tiles. But which one is right for you?

A standard solid tiled roof will give your conservatory an authentic period feel and will be durable enough to last up to 40 years. As a result, they’re more expensive than other options but are worth the investment. They’re also a great choice for those who want to save money on energy bills as they offer greater thermal efficiency than other roof types.

There are four main types of roof tiles: slate, clay, concrete and aluminium shingle tiles. Slate is a more traditional option and comes with an expected lifespan of up to 100 years. However, it’s heavy and can be difficult to install as you need a lot of supporting structures like extra battens and rafters. It’s also not as weather-resistant as other roofing materials and can easily be damaged by heavy rain.

If you’re looking for a more modern conservatory roof then you should consider a lightweight steel tile. These tiles are incredibly versatile and come in a range of colours, so you can match your new roof with your existing conservatory or create an entirely new look. They’re also tough and independent so they won’t need a lot of maintenance, lasting up to 50 years.

UPVC is an excellent alternative to solid tiles as it’s a more affordable solution. However, it doesn’t keep the heat in your conservatory very well and can cause excessive heat in summer. It’s also prone to moisture, which can lead to the growth of mildew and mould.

Glass is a common choice for conservatories as it looks sleek and sophisticated. It’s also a lot cheaper than solid tiles or polycarbonate and it lets in a lot of light. However, it’s not very insulating and can be quite chilly during winter. If you want to improve the insulation of your conservatory then you should consider argon gas filled double glazed units, which will help keep your conservatory warmer while still allowing lots of natural light in.

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