We’re in love with whipped soaps at the moment, their soft mousse-like texture feels indulgently luxurious on the skin. They’re also wonderfully versatile, able to be used as hand or body wash and even work perfectly as shaving foam!

Our Candy Cane whipped soap is the perfect festive fragrance. Delicate notes of sweet mint and strawberries combine to make this soap smell just like a sweet shop in a jar.

Another lovely combination of colours and scents is our Rose & Jasmine whipped soap. The layer on top has a delicately floral fragrance of rose petals and soft pink colour, while the bottom is richly fragrant Jasmine with an earthy blue hue. Combined these two layers create the delightful aroma of a splendid exotic flower garden.

Our Black Pepper whipped soap has the heady aroma of warm black pepper, lavender and orris layered with a sweet base note of vanilla. This is the perfect combination of zesty citrus and earthy florals, making it feel like a fresh spring morning.

We’ve got a range of other gorgeous whipped soaps, including one with a delectable roasted-cocoa-brown and pastel red colour that smells just like scrumptious cherry dessert. Another is our Lemon & Lime whipped soap which smells just like freshly-picked limes and sun-rise yellow. If you’re looking to try something a little different, we’ve also got a deliciously fruity Cherry Vanilla fragrance that’s bound to give you a sugar rush! Whipped Soap UK

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