Boiling and chilled water taps dispense filtered boiling, cold or sparkling filtered drinking water at the touch of a button. These clever taps eliminate the need for a kettle, decluttering your bench top and freeing up space in your fridge. Stylish designs and an array of tap finishes blend these modern kitchen appliances into any home.

Our selection of boiling and chilled taps includes a range of sizes to suit any kitchen. Many come with a small, integrated boiler unit that can be hidden under the sink to keep your bench top clear. Some models also include a hot water spout for regular hot and cold water. Some brands offer the option to add an extra chiller that allows you to dispense chilled filtered water.

Boiling water taps work by heating a tank of water to a certain temperature before it is stored until needed. They are designed to be switched on and off regularly and will switch off after a set period of inactivity to save energy. They are easy to use and operate. A push of a button or the light ring on one side of the tap activates it from its safety standby mode. The ring will glow red to indicate it is on boiling water mode, it will then switch to blue to dispense filtered or chilled drinking water (if you have the optional Cube add-on).

Some taps dispense water at 100degC which we call ‘true boiling’ and this can be helpful for tasks such as sterilising baby bottles. Others dispense water that is lower than this and we call it ‘near boiling’. This is still useful for tasks such as making tea straight from the tap or preparing pasta.

All of our boiling water taps are rated A for energy efficiency and most use less than 3 litres a minute. The Grohe Red tap has a unique child lock which has been tested and certified to the highest standards. You need to press two buttons in succession to unlock the tap – this is much harder to do than pressing just one button. The tap also only dispenses boiling water when the spout is pushed down and will not dispense hot water when the spout is raised.

You may also choose to have a separate filtration system added to your tap which will filter the water before it enters the boiler and can improve the taste of the drinking water. This is often recommended when you live on a hard water area where scale and other impurities can build up. The filtered water will also be safer to drink as it will have been boiled, which removes any bacteria and viruses.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your kitchen tap with a boiling and chilled filtered water tap, be sure to check the size of your space as some models require a tank underneath your sink which will need to fit and will require a power outlet near by. Other models have a smaller footprint and can be mounted on the countertop or behind the sink like regular taps.

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