Light codes are personal frequency transmissions, your cosmic fingerprints. They’re a way of bringing you closer to pure source energy and help you connect to higher frequencies on your journey towards transcendence.

This multi-dimensional holographic language can look like words, sounds, symbols or shapes and can be channeled through your hands, voice, body, heart and mind. They can clear blocks and distortions within the subtle dimensions of your being so you can re-align to more of your true vibrational frequency, and open up to higher possibilities of hope, love and freedom.

You can receive these transmissions through meditation or other modalities such as energy healing practices including Reiki. Light code activations can also occur when you receive light language from another person. For example, reiki symbols are a form of light code that’s envisioned through your energy system into someone else for physical and thought-form healing.

Light codes can increase your awareness, allowing you to see things more clearly. This can feel overwhelming if it happens too quickly and it’s recommended that you take a break from light code receiving sessions once in awhile, so your energy levels balance out.

You, dear starseed and lightworker, hold a special place in the light code activation process. This is because you’re a pioneer, and you’re the ones to activate these energies first so that others can access them more easily. Your etheric bodies are the perfect portal for these sacred impulses of the Cosmic Ray to pass through, because you hold minimal resistance to this energy.

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