As a job seeker, it’s important to build your resume — a condensed document that lists your work experience, relevant skills and education — on a regular basis. Doing so allows you to tailor your application to the specific role you are applying for. It also ensures that your resume is always in top form and ready to impress prospective employers.

In the “Work Experience” section, focus on the experiences that are most relevant to the job you are applying for. Be sure to include the name of each position, company and location, and the dates of employment. Emphasize accomplishments rather than responsibilities, and use concrete numbers to quantify your achievements (e.g., how many products you managed, how much revenue you generated). Avoid embellishment and exaggeration; if you do this, it will be obvious to the hiring manager.

Sitting just below your work experience section is the “Education” section, which lists your degrees and credentials in reverse-chronological order. If you have more than one degree, start with the highest. Also consider listing your GPA, and if you are currently enrolled in school, include the expected graduation date.

If you have a variety of hard skills, consider adding an “Available” section and noting your rough level of proficiency in each (beginner, intermediate, etc.). In the case of soft skills, such as emotional intelligence and teamwork, be sure to list examples of how you have used these in previous roles. building your resume

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